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Newlay Wood Avenue

West Yorkshire
LS18 4LN

Email for General Information: info[AT]
Email for Returns and Exchanges: returns[AT]

Telephone number: 01132 590 589 (after 10:30, weekdays)

VAT Registration Number: 942 6229 20 GB

From 1st January 2021:
Value Added Tax is only applied for sales to the UK. The VAT amount will be deducted and shown correctly for goods to be sent outside the UK.


You DO NOT need a RETURN NUMBER before sending anything back to us. Instead, please write your Last Name and Invoice Number on the outside of the envelope, but don't worry if you don't have that to hand, we should still be able to find your details.

However, if you are not getting the results you hoped for either straight away or after a while of tryingm, WE CAN HELP!

So, please send an email to returns[AT] telling us what is, or is not, going on.

The Intructions (Guidelines) included with your order are only part of the story. We have come across many different situations over the years, so even when things seem hopeless, there is always a way of doing it differently which may make the improvement you are looking for.

Since and ALL DOGS ARE DIFFERENT it would be impossible to include every option or technique in a small packet.

Further information on the Mekuti 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Please Note: We cannot offer refunds for harnesses, leads or other items that have been damaged or broken by dogs chewing or biting the material or breaking the plastic clips etc. In order to reduce the chance of this happening, it is best not leave your dog unattended with the harness or lead on, even in a car.

Be particularly mindful if your dog is still a puppy (under 18 months old).
ALL young dogs like to chew!

Please be aware that the MEKUTI landline number is also our family house phone. However, when you have to call, you have to call, so if you do need to speak with someone, it is always worth a try

Please avoid calling before 10am when we are usually attending to the cats, dogs and personal beauty activities. Your call may still be answered but we are not really 'open' during traditionally non-business hours.

We respect that sometimes people can only make personal calls during evenings and weekends so we will always be as accommodating and helpful as we can.



  • SHOPPING CART SECURITY: Our shopping cart and payment gateways are managed by Romancart Ltd and SagePay (also known as Opayo) and activities there such as all payment details are secured by an SSL certificate provided by Norton and Verisign.

  • Always look for the 'Locked Padlock' and web address beginning with 'https' when providing your payment details on our site and anybody else's web site.

  • You can be assured that your personal information, particularly your PAYMENT CARD information, are as safe as they can be when using the MEKUTI website and online shopping cart.

  • We do not pass or sell any personal information (including email addresses) to anyone.



Unfortunately, this area may be a bit out of date.  Please get in touch with us and let us know if something needs amending or adding.

TTouch / Dog Trainers / Animal Trainers

Rachael's old TTouch Website

TTouch UK Website

Canine Mind - Lizi Angel's website dedicated to the psychological welfare of man's best friend.

Carthvean Alpacas - Julie Taylor-Brown's Website featuring Camelid Dynamics Training in Cornwall.


Animal Feed / Herbal

Dorwest Herbs - Herbal remedies, food supplements etc.

Land of Holistic Pets - Natural, healthy, holistic dog food.


Charities - Helping dogs over 7 years of age find new homes across the UK.

Dogstar Foundation - working to improve the community for animals and people in Sri Lanka.



Heidi - [currently unavailable] A blog about our own collie Heidi following her recovery from cancer. Sadly, Heidi succumed to old age rather than anything else in August 2011. She was a remarkable little dog and a great inspiration into why and how we at Mekuti try to do it how we do – she touched my heart and I think about her every day.

Dog Friendly Britain - Places to stay and eat etc. where your dog is welcome.


Find a dog-friendly pub in your area   Millie


Cavalier Matters   Cavalier

Tania Ledger's site about the future welfare of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, supporting Pet Owners with sick dogs and campaigning against bad breeding practises.
This site contains loads of useful information.


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