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What the professional says

" Pulling on the lead is a highly rewarding behaviour, and one that is often well established before puppies come to class.
The balance harness together with the double-ended lead is a gentle approach to teaching a dog how to be in control of its body without causing pain and physical harm to the tender neck area.
Using each of the lead attachments independently to give clear signals to the dog, you will find that very quickly your dog will start to respond to the lightest touch, and there is no need for any further tension on the lead.
One of the most frequent comments I get about the balance harness is how much calmer dogs are when walked in them, and how very quickly, walking the dog changes from a battle to a pleasure."
Sarah Marsh CABP (COAPE)  Tellington TTouch Practitioner P1   Bucks


  Sarah Marsh

Mulberry Puppy School & Pet Behaviour Centre


More Clients

Our dog Sparky, a Parson Russell Terrier, is a rescue and appears to have been subjected to some awful treatment in her past life, first year that we had her she was so stressed by storms and fireworks, loud noises generally that she would bark incessantly and generally exhaust herself luckily we have very understanding and sympathetic neighbours, End of October through to mid November with help from our local vet sedated her to such a degree that she just flopped on her bed and whimpered.

We thought that after this harrowing experience that there had to be a better and more humane way of treating this problem without resorting to mind bending drugs, after a lot of research we finally stumbled on your website and saw your products, we decided to give them a try we had nothing to lose.

We bought a calming band a T shirt and also a balance harness as we had a bit of a problem with her lunging at other dogs and pulling like a steam train which was no good for my shoulders, we first tried out the calming band on a camping trip, always good for strange noises and bird scarers result one relaxed but alert dog no frantic barking to disturb our fellow campers.

Next big crunch November 5th 2007 with the T shirt on and the calming band our dog managed to sleep through most of it compared to the previous year when she was drugged to the eyeballs, the balance harness has stopped all our pulling and lunging problems she actively seeks out her harness when it comes to walkies time that's how much she enjoys it walks are now more relaxed as a result, she absolutely adores her T shirt and looks a very fashionable girl when wearing it.

We would like to thank you for the difference that your products have made to our dogs well being. I was a bit sceptical at first, but when we started using them the results were immediate all three of us are very impressed, I have been telling every body just how well they work, overall it was money well spent.

Many thanks
John and Barbara Rawlinson
P.S. Extra special thanks from Sparky



"I wanted to let you know we are getting on great with the harness and double-ended lead."
Elaine Hughes and Taika



"I received the harness today and took my rottie for a walk just to see what it was like. When I was told about it , I had my reservations about putting a rottie in a harness. I have to say though, that today was the best walk I have ever had with him. He had lunged at other dogs in the past and at 42kgs it's hard to keep him down. Today we passed other dogs & he really did not bother.... I can't believe the difference. After Christmas I am going to order another just to keep as spare....I am so impressed....Thank you."
L. Jappy & Bracken

"P.S. It certainly feels different when walking him. I have also noticed when I put tension on each of the 2 points, he automatically comes back to a heel position. It reminds me a bit of a horse's bridle where you work the points of the reins to get control....this jut seems to be a great way to walk an over-zealous dog without shouting, hurting or pulling at his neck."



"Thank you so much for supplying such a wonderful product."

"I have a Shiba Inu puppy, just 19 weeks at the time of writing.She had got to the stage that when I appeared with a lead she ran away and hid, the reason being she didn't like the harness and lead/collar combination that she was in because when she pulled it choked her. I didn't like them either, until I heard about your product, I didn't know of another way to walk her. I suffer from arthritis and my arms hurt so much that I was beginning to despair."

"Then my friend gave me the "Battersea Dogs maagzine" and my eyes riveted on your advert, as it reminded me of a harness I used to use on my Chow Chow's, 20 years ago. I was on the internet that day, it came the next. We tried it that same day and it made me cry becaues she walked WITHOUT PULLING, and without choking. We have not looked back, we are both now very happy, many, many thanks for a wonderful product. "
Mrs. D Mills, Chertsey



"I received the first of the two balance harnesses from you and I would just like to say how delighted I am with it, such a dramatic change in my bouncy black lab. Calm, relaxed and a pleasure to walk."
Brett Ward, Aberdeen



"Dylan did so well this year - he had the herbs from Dorwest and with the T-shirt he did absolutely fantastically (with the fireworks). Last year was so awful for him so I am really pleased.
Dylan is 13yrs old, we rescued him as a 1yr old with a disabled back leg. Our vets were of the opinion that he would probably have just 3 or 4 years of active life. But with all the advances in medicine for dogs we are so happy that we have been able to give him a wonderful life. he is a real hero, he hasn't had the best of luck with illness but he bore all the things that have gone wrong like a brave boy and we are so proud him."
J. Wilkinson



"I must tell you how pleased we are with the balance harness, so much so that I have purchased three. One as a spare for our boy, a Patterdale terrier, and one for my son's dog. I have also ordered a bodywrap and a t-shirt and I'm sure that I shall be just as delighted."
Carol Hillman



"I would like to thank you for dispatching my order for softex collars and leads so quickly. I am delighted with them. Thank you very much for your excellent service. Kind regards"
Sandra Matthews



"Your service was excellent. I ordered lunchtime one day and received my goods the very next day."
Mrs. Hopkins



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